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       Album: Capillary Vascular Malformations
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There are so many different types of capillary vascular malformations. These malformations are called "flat hemangiomas" even though they are not real hemangiomas, but dilated and malformed capillary vessels. These lesions are benign and look in red or purple color on any part of the body. Always present at birth, but they become more obvious with age. They differ in size between a small spot to a lesion involving a whole extremity. The most important types are:
1) Nevus Simplex: Also called "Salmon Patches" or " Angel's Kiss". Very common. They are seen in about 40% of babies.
2) Port Wine Stains: Also called " Nevus Flammeus" . These lesions are dark with unclear borders. They may become less obvious or even disappear with age, but most of them remain there with years. They are much less common than salmon patches. The incidence is 3% of newborns. Flat at birth but they can become thick and prominent with years becoming bothersome to patient and family, especially on the face. They require Laser therapy, preferably before child start going to school. The best treatment is (Pulse Dye Laser) P.D.L. since it has good results compared with other Laser types.
3) Other types ... including Reticulate Vascular Nevi.