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       Album: Scabies(2)
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Scabies in a 9 year old girl.
Notice the lesions in front of the ears and the almost- vesicular nature of the lesions on the legs.
This is a contagious skin infection that occurs in humans and animals. Caused by a tiny mite (Sarcoptes Scabiei), which burrows under the host's skin, causing intense itching. The infection in animals is caused by different but related species is called Sarcoptic mange.
The disease is most commonly transmitted by skin to skin contact, becoming symptomatic after 4-6 weeks. Itching is the classic symptom of the disease and is notorious for becoming worse at night. Most common areas of the burrows are hands, feet, elbows, back, buttocks and external genitals. It usually skips the face and scalp.
This disease is treated by topical permethrin.